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The shell belt is the accessory you didn’t know you needed

Shell jewellery was the summer trend that took everyone by surprise last year, and if you thought it would be a passing fad, you’d be wrong. Not only are shells back this season, but they’ve invaded all our other accessories too: shoes, bags and yes, belts.

Now I know shell belts sounds a little bit like you’re going to a Little Mermaid cosplay, but trust me, they are just what you need to jazz up your outfit.

I first saw them at the Rixo SS19 presentation, where gold shell hardware enhanced bold printed skirts, and now Mango have a chain belt embellished with conches, that will look great paired with neutral linens.

Needless to say, this is a decorative belt rather than a practical one, so I wouldn’t advise using it to hold up loose jeans.

Instead, either wear them over a dress a la Rixo, or with linen trousers and a shirt, and even though it’s more of a summer vibe, I’ll be wearing mine over a chocolate knitted midi dress.

So. Much. Joy.

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