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The Coolest Hipster Outfits You’ll Happily Slip Into

Hipster Outfits


From acid wash jeans to beat up flannel shirts, the aesthetic of the hipster has long included a tendency toward vintage pieces. Those who eschew anything that is too “mainstream” initiated a unique style, and the fashion scene is taking note. The ‘too cool for school’ trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so if you aren’t already on board, it’s time to jump ship. We have rounded up the coolest hipster outfits that you’ll happily slip into.


What is a Hipster?

Hipsterism has grown hugely in popularity over the past decade or so. This global phenomenon is all about being vintage and kitsch. Hipsters insist on individualism and are concerned with maintaining their authenticity. A hipster is typically considered someone whose interests fall outside the mainstream. Instead of following popular trends, they tend to favour alternative lifestyles and quirky dressing.


What Is A Hipster


Hipster Outfits

Hippie Artsy Hipster

The hippie artsy hipster trend is all about combining vintage clothing in a cool, creative way. Women who dress in this style choose items that are handcrafted or particularly unique. The beauty of the artsy trend is that it is a style with ultimate freedom; it depends solely on the wearer’s fashion sense. Artsy hippies do not follow cultural norms and instead make the path for themselves, leading to innovating looks which are not restricted by your usual fashion trends. So don’t be afraid to experiment with wild patterns and textures. Think feminine florals, colourful scarves and unique headbands.


Artsy Hipster




Rock Chick Hipster

If you’re the bold, edgy type of girl, then the rock chick hipster look may be perfect for you. Rather than light colours and frills or lace, the rock chick trend focusses on dark, often boyish clothing. Think graphic tees, dark sunnies, skinny jeans and gothic boots. This look all depends, of course, on the wearer and what type of music they’re into.


Rock Chick Hipster Copy




Punk Hipster

For a statement-making style, why not try a punk look? Daring and oh-so expressive, the punk hipster look is all about a dishelmed, grunge aesthetic. Punk often plays with gender norms, with women blending the masculine with the feminine for a hard meets soft look. Think everything from leather jackets, plaid and denim mini shorts to spikey belts and chunky boots. Take inspiration from the looks of the queen of punk, Vivienne Westwood.


Punk Hipster Copy




Skater Hipster

If you have an obsession for all things  ’90s, why not try the skater hipster style? From denim jackets and graphic tees to oversized hoodies and classic Converse sneakers, the skater trend is back and in a big way. This look is perfect for the cool, casual girl with a little attitude. Practical and carefree, this style is all about clothing that is loose and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to play with layering and accessories.


Skater Hipster Copy




Back to School Hipster Outfits

Dress to impress this year with a unique back to school hipster outfit. This style is perfect for school students as it suits any budget. Distressed jeans are a go-to for a laid-back style, especially those featuring rips or frayed hems. As far as shoes go, black chunky boots will lend an edgy style to your wardrobe, adding a cool factor to just about any outfit. Finish the look with a brightly coloured knit or cardigan, and you’ll be good to go. Just remember that your clothing sends a message about who you are, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your style.


Back To School




Hipster Winter Outfits

When it comes to the colder months, wearing layered looks is what you need to stay comfy and warm. For a hipster style, don’t be afraid to play around with brightly coloured knits, chunky scarves and tights. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to stick to dark hues! If it’s super chilly, be sure to add a coat to your look. Complete the ensemble with a pair of sneakers or boots. As always, don’t forget to accessorise.


Hipster Winter




Hipster Summer Outfits

Make a statement this summer in a chic and pretty hipster outfit. The warmer months are the perfect time to experiment with this trend. Think cute overalls, printed tops, funky kimonos, cut-off shorts and of course, florals. The possibilities to mix and match are endless! Complete the look with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of rounded sunglasses. Just remember to keep your clothing breezy and lightweight to stay cool.


Hipster Summer




Sexy Hipster Outfits

For the girl who loves to make a statement, the sexy hipster look is perfect. It’s a good way to show off your bold, individual style. To channel your sexy side, we recommend going for tight-fitting clothing. Think mini skirts, lace, mid-drifts, suspenders, suede and high-heeled boots. What’s best is you can mix and match vintage prints from secondhand stores with the existing basics in your wardrobe.


Cute Hipster




Cute Hipster Outfits

When it comes to dressing cute, there are no strict guidelines, especially since hipsters are known for their distinct and unique style. Therefore, many of them choose to wear vintage dresses or skirts in floral, lace and other bold prints. Wear a brightly coloured blazer or a knit over the top if it’s a cold day. We also recommend wearing long socks or tights for additional warmth. When it comes to creating a unique look, the more layers, the better! To finish the ensemble, add a wide-brimmed hat or a beanie, depending on the weather.


Cute Hipster




How to Dress Hipster

  • Experiment with different colours, prints and fabrics. The more unique, the better.
  • Don’t be afraid to layer your clothing.
  • Keep your eye out for bespoke garments and vintage pieces at second-hand clothing stores.
  • Don’t forget to accessorise!


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