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Discover Which Superhero You Would’ve Been in High School

Imagine going to high school as a superhero. Unlike Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, though, your high school is open for every known superhero of all time. To know which superhero you are, all you have to do is remember which cafeteria table you used to hang out at in high school!

We at Bright Side suggest that you open your yearbook and figure out which of the superheroes you and your friends are according to your high school personas.

Ask yourself, which of these apply to you in high school:

  1. Were you the charismatic school president? If yes, proceed to No. 1.
  2. Did your athletic abilities made you the school jock? If yes, go to No. 2.
  3. Were you crowned prom king? If yes, check out No. 3.
  4. Did you get the prom queen tiara? If yes, No. 4 is for you.
  5. Would you say you were a rebel or did you belong to the emo clique? If yes, go to No. 5.
  6. Do you think you were a bookworm in high school? If yes, proceed to No. 6.
  7. Were you part of the popular girl group in high school? If yes, look for No. 7.
  8. Would you say you were one of the rich kids in high school? If yes, go to No. 8.
  9. Do you think you made people laugh and were the class joker? If yes, check out No. 9.
  10. Do you feel you were more of a shy introvert? If yes, find the superhero in you in No. 10.

1. School president

Captain America

So, you were the reliable school president, right? You might just be Captain America, who is one of the most trustworthy superheroes. Steve Rogers even looks smart with his hair neatly parted and acts so strait-laced that he told Iron Man to watch his language. As Captain America, you would have had the Super-Soldier Serum to enhance your abilities, making it possible for you to work long hours to run the student body.

Captain Marvel

If you were a smart, hard-working, and powerful student back in high school, you might have been Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers. You would have possessed not only superhuman strength and durability, but also the ability to absorb and manipulate energy. Sounds like a very dependable school leader that others might cast a vote for!

2. The jock


Were you very adept underwater and could you be seen at the pool after school? Possibly the president of the swim team or an athlete representing the school in swim competitions, you could be Arthur Curry or Aquaman. Able to breathe underwater, swim at tremendous speeds, and telepathically communicate with sea life, being a swimming athlete would have been a breeze for you.

Luther Hargreeves

You were probably a Luther Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy) or Number 1 in high school. With a huge build and super-strength, you were an asset to the football team. Like how Spaceboy looks comfortable in his space helmet, you would have known how to rock the football helmet on the field.

The Flash

If your friends hung around the bleachers near the field, they would’ve seen you running on the track. A track and field athlete, you were the fastest in school like Barry Allen or The Flash. You were probably hoping to earn a scholarship for college.

3. Prom king


Admit it, others have stolen some glances at that good-looking guy with a golden mane that was you whenever they walked past you in the hallway to get to their lockers. Charming like Thor Odinson, you were their prom king.


If you were the prom king who looked dashing with his dark hair, strong jaw line, and apple chin, you must have been Clark Kent or Kal-El. Even if you were not someone’s prom date, they would have been happy to vote for you just to see your elusive smile. After all, as Superman, you can dance in the air and fly high to show your crown.

4. Prom queen

Wonder Woman

If you were the prom queen yourself, you must have been Wonder Woman, aka Diana. Pretty, popular, and dressed like a queen, it’s no wonder you earned the title. Your photo from when you were crowned as the prom queen would look so natural the way Wonder Woman already poses with her daily choice of accessory, the tiara. Your enhanced vision, smell, and hearing senses would make you appreciate the crown, flowers, and cheering even more.

Allison Hargreeves

Also popular and gorgeous in a dress, you could have been Allison Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy) aka Number 3 instead. If you won the prom queen title by having your desire to be crowned heard, you no doubt had the power of The Rumor.

5. The rebels / emo

Black Widow

Often seen in a dark suit, you were Black Widow (The Avengers) and could be seen hanging around with others in similarly dark clothes. You were probably a femme fatale and had a sarcastic sense of humor like Natalia “Natasha” Romanoff too.


If you were a mysterious boy, you might have been Logan, aka Wolverine, who was rebellious and an emotional loner. Wild, passionate, and sensitive, you were too-cool-for-school and were not afraid to make a statement. Although you tended to get into fights, as Wolverine, you would have healed very quickly, making you appear even more rugged.


You were known for that streak of dye in your hair and liked to keep to yourself. Anna Marie, aka Rogue, is just like you, with her hairstyle being her famous trait. If you like to hang out alone, you are truly just like Rogue who also avoids others due to her superpowers that could absorb other people’s memories, strengths, and even powers.

6. The bookworms

The Hulk

You were someone others were glad to be partnered up with in the science lab because you had Bruce Banner’s intelligence. If you didn’t have anger management issues like The Hulk, you would have been the one everyone asked to be their lab partner.


If you had both brawn and brain, you could easily have been Hank McCoy or Beast. You may have had a huge intimidating appearance, but you were also brilliant in both arts and sciences. On top of that, you probably had a witty sense of humor and liked to use intellectual references when talking to others.

7. Popular girls

Emma Frost

Fashionable and gorgeous, you relate to Emma Frost (X-Men), a Queen Bee like Regina of The Plastics (Mean Girls) or Cher Horowitz (Clueless). Your ability to read other people’s minds was the reason for your popularity.

Jean Grey

A red-head beauty like Cady Heron (Mean Girls), you were Jean Grey (X-Men). You would have someone like the lovely Storm as your closest friend and a couple of guys fighting over you like Cyclops and Wolverine did over Jean Grey. This is because your telepathic powers would have made you very empathetic to other people, resulting in you being a very likable character.

Silk Spectre II

A liberal-thinking modern woman, you resemble Laurie Juspeczyk or Silk Spectre II who attracts different personalities like Doctor Manhattan and Nite Owl II. Your agility and ability in hand-to-hand combat only makes you even more attractive.

8. The rich kids

Iron Man

Maybe you came from wealth and threw fancy parties, which means you are Tony Stark, the son of the founder of Stark Industries. You would have had the latest technology in hand and charms to boot, making you one of the most popular guys in school.

Black Panther

If you were the guy in high school who came from a noble and rich family, you are just like T’Challa or Black Panther, who was the son of T’Chaka the king of Wakanda, a technologically advanced country. For you, family matters are important. In school, you would belong to the popular guys and always be one of the first to bring the latest gadgets to school.


Instead of the bus, you always arrived at school in a sleek car, just like Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. The friends who came over to visit your home would have seen your butler, like Batman’s Alfred, efficiently tending to your needs.

9. Class jokers


If you were the friendly neighbor who seemed socially awkward, but was always jumping around and had a remarkable sense of humor, you were a Peter Parker, or Spiderman. Your witty remarks, wall-climbing, and creation of random things from a spiderweb helped drive away your friends’ Monday blues.


If your friends think you talked non-stop, this means you are undeniably the talkative Wade Wilson, or Deadpool. You always brightened up a boring class with your humorous monologues and little pranks. Maybe you even brought funny things like a little kid’s pink bag to school to be comical.

10. Shy introverts

Violet Parr

Always seen holding a book tight to your chest with your head down, you were Violet Parr (The Incredibles). Your were protective of your loved ones and very shy, especially around the boy you had a crush on. Lucky for you, you had the power of invisibility to disappear in awkward situations.

Vanya Hargreeves

Demure and skilled at playing a musical instrument, and perhaps even a band member in high school, you resemble Vanya Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy). During high school you probably blossomed from being a timid student, to a powerful one. The quiet Number 7 or White Violin was skilled at playing the violin and discovered her strength only after a little while.

Which of these superheroes do you see yourself in and which of them remind you of your friends, lovers, and frenemies? Do you know of other superheroes you would’ve seen in your high school?

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